About us

Bringing Authentic Açaí to Australia

Introducing Braussie Healthy Food - A Journey of Flavours, Sustainability, and South Australian Passion


We are a Brazilian family who overcame countless challengesDaniel and Cintia's family and struggles to become proud Australian citizens in 2023. When we arrived in 2017 as students with our son, we never could have imagined the amazing journey that awaited us. In 2020, we were blessed with the news that we were expecting a daughter, and a bit later on, the government granted us our Australia Citizenship - a deserved gift that changed our lives forever. Today, we are passionate about our adopted country and its people, and we strive to make a meaningful impact. We have always been committed to living healthy lifestyles and promoting the well-being of our children. And now, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to share Açai, a superfood that not only supports personal health but also the sustainability of our planet. Our mission is simple: to create a better future for our children and for generations to come, one bowl of Açai at a time.

As a South Australian family business, Braussie not only celebrates the vibrant flavors of Açai but also embraces its connection to the land it calls home. It is a commitment that runs deep within their roots, rooted in the love for their adopted country and the desire to support local communities. By importing Açai from Brazil, Braussie proudly contributes to the livelihoods of over 25,000 families in the Amazon region. These families, dedicated to the preservation of the precious rainforest, rely on the sustainable extraction of Açai as their primary source of income. Braussie stands as a beacon of support, honoring their vital role and cherishing the Amazon as a treasure to be safeguarded.

Your journey to a healthier and more sustainable lifestyle begins with Braussie Healthy Food. Immerse yourself in the exquisite flavors of our incredibly creamy and perfectly balanced Açai, knowing that every spoonful supports the well-being of your body and the preservation of our planet. Together, as proud South Australians, we can savor the fusion of flavors, celebrate the harmony of cultures, and stand as guardians of both our cherished land and the Amazon rainforest.

Welcome to Braussie, where passion, purpose, and the love for South Australia intertwine in a remarkable gastronomic adventure. Join us as we embark on a journey that nourishes not just our bodies, but our souls, while making a profound impact on the world we call home.