Dreaming with our eyes open

We are a Brazilian family who has always dreamed about living abroad. We were born in Rio de Janeiro, a lively city famous for its beaches and Carnival. We grew up passionate about the music, the summer and all the vibrant colours and tasty flavours of the Brazilian cuisine. But we wanted more. We wanted to explore the world, experience different cultures, meet new people. We wanted to live our lives from a new perspective.

And here we are, living in Adelaide since April/2019. Australia is an amazing country, not only because of the weather and beautiful places but above all, because of the kind and friendly people who embrace diversity and respect who you are, no matter where you come from. And now our family is embarking upon a new journey: Braussie Healthy Food. We are bringing a piece of Brazil – the Amazon superfood Açai – to nurture your body, mind & soul. Why? Because we believe food is love and love must be shared.

Raise your spoon and cheers!

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